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PO BOX 406

East Sandwich, MA 02537

PH 508-888-4998

FX 508-888-6511

 Guide for prospective TENANTS applying for WINTER or YEAR ROUND rentals. 

                Please read carefully before completing Application process.

BEACH REALTY acts as the rental Agent for the OWNERS/LANDORDS of the properties that are advertised for rent. We will accept Applications for the properties, and process them in a thorough manner. BEACH REALTY will be checking your credit history, past & present employers, personal references and criminal history (both state & federal).  BEACH REALTY’S standard income requirement for all year round and winter rentals is a total debt to income ratio of 43% or less.

FOR EXAMPLE: If your gross monthly income is $3000, your total amount of all monthly debt obligations including rent, credit cards, student loans, auto loans, etc. can be no more than 43% of $3000, which equals $1290 in this case.

After review of the completed and processed Application, the OWNER/LANDLORD makes the final decision on who will occupy their home for a rental. Upon acceptance, a TENANT will be required to pay First Month’s Rent and sign the Lease Agreement to secure the property. Upon the move-in date, a TENANT will be required to pay Last Month’s Rent and a Security Deposit equal to one month’s rent, payable by Certified Funds or Bank Check.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

To apply for a rental, please complete the Rental Application Form. Return it to BEACH REALTY with a $100.00 non-refundable Application Fee, which is required to process the Application. Each person over the age of 18 must complete a separate Application. Please include the following with your Application:

  1. Copies of Drivers License for each Applicant.
  2. A non-refundable fee of $100.00 made payable to Beach Realty.

Thank you,



BEACH REALTY conducts business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law.

BEACH REALTY is licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.





BEACH REALTY                                                            Dated Provided to Tenant:___________________

PO Box 406                                                                 Provided by: Agent Name ___________________

East Sandwich, MA 02537                                             Agent LIC #______________________________

Year Round & Winter Rental Tenant Application Form

Name #1_________________________ Social Security #_____________________Phone___________________

Name #2 ________________________ Social Security #_____________________Phone___________________

Location of Rental Property Wanted __________________________________________________

Desired Date of Occupancy   ________________________________________________________

Names of additional Residents

Relationship to Applicant











What type of pets do you own? __________________________________________________________

Present Address ______________________________________________________________________

Present Rent $__________________ Including What Utilities? _________________________________

Length of Time at Present Address _______________________________________________________

Reason for Moving ___________________________________________________________________

Present Landlord: Name ____________________________________Phone_____________________


Previous Address ____________________________________________________________________

Previous Rent $________________   Including What Utilities? _________________________________

Length of Time at Previous Address ______________________________________________________

Reason for Moving ___________________________________________________________________

Previous Landlord: Name_____________________________________Phone____________________

                           Address  ___________________________________                        

                                                                         Page 1.




Monthly Income – List All Sources

Provide sources of Income, Employer’s name, contact, length of employment & income

Household Member  

Source of Income & Contacts #s     

Gross Monthly Income













References (other than relatives)

_______________________________________________  Phone ___________________________

_______________________________________________  Phone ___________________________

_______________________________________________  Phone ___________________________


Make ________________________  Model ________________________ Year ________________

Registration Plate # ________________________    State ________________

In Case of Emergency, Notify:

Name __________________________________________  Relationship ______________________

Address ________________________________________  Telephone ________________________

I hereby apply for an apartment. By signing this form, I understand that credit and reference

checks will be undertaken to determine my rental history and my ability to pay rent. With my

signature below, I request all present and previous landlords, credit reporting services, employers,
and credit and personal references to disclose any and all pertinent information concerning me.

______________________________________________    ______________________

Signature                                                                                 Date

______________________________________________    ______________________

Signature                                                                                 Date


BEACH REALTY complies with all State & Federal Fair Housing & EHO Laws

Licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Page 2.





BEACH REALTY                                                                                       Date______________

PO Box 406, East Sandwich, MA  02537

PH 508-888-4998   FX 508-888-6511

Tenant Reference Request


_______________________________________ of  ______________________________________

Name                                                                           Present or last address

has applied for an apartment and has given your name as a reference. Please assist us by responding to the following questions:

1.         Dates s/he rented from you: from ____________________ to ____________________

           at (Address) _____________________________________________________________

2.         How long have you known the applicant? _____________________________________

3.         Did the applicant pay rent on time?                                                   __ Yes            __ No

4.         Did the applicant owe rent at the end of the tenancy?                          __Yes            __ No

5.         Did you evict the applicant?                                                               __Yes            __ No

6.         Did the applicant keep his/her apartment clean?                                 __ Yes            __ No

7.         Did you receive any complaints of excessive noise                              __ Yes            __ No

            or disturbances from the applicant's neighbors?




8.         Did the applicant or guests cause damage to the apartment?             __ Yes            __No



9.         Would you rent to this tenant again?                                                 __ Yes            __ No



Thank you for your help. Please return your comments to:



                                                                                                  Page 3.





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